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  Oscar Wilde & Virginia Woolf

tell them something that necessarily but discreetly implies something else like:
what’s the point of having a vagina? like why would you ever need it?
It is what it is but it implies that you have considered the butthole as a useful sexual organ and are akin to treating it as such in common conversation despite this being only conventional under homosexual contexts. The final implication is that you are homosexual (note: this implication is not orthological)

ask them later the same day:
Would you say x is heterosexual or homosexual?
ask again the next day after having >7 hours sleep

Hypothesis: answer is heterosexual more on same day (and homosexual more after sleep) by a significant amount.

Speculation: Subconsciously the implied information is processed but cannot be accessed consciously. This changes following sleep where subconscious information is presented to our conscience.

Additional points to investigate:
1) How many hours of sleep are necessary
2) Is REM sleep necessary and or sufficient?
3) What is the mechanism behind this? Could slow cellular processes such as neuroglial gap junctional signalling underlie the transient information processing of the subconscious?